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Weddings, Parties, Cultural Events, or Funerals: We Operate Everywhere

Single Bagpipe

Great for anything from Relay for Life to a Funeral. This package includes one bagpipe for 3 hours with one 45 minute break. It includes 15 songs from our portfolio. See our portfolio below.

3 Man Band

An upgraded package including 2 Bagpipes and a Drum. The Drum major can set the tempo for things such as a march or a cultural event. The 2 Pipes can play harmonic arrangements allowing for larger arrangements.

Band Arrangements

No matter wherever you are we are able to arrange for a local Scottish band to get a band to you. This is the package for people looking for a full concert. It can also include a marching performance if desired.


These are some of our most requested songs. Also listed is the smallest group that can perform each piece.

Scotland the Brave

3-Man Band

Mhairies Wedding

Single Bagpipe

Highland Cathedral

3-Man Band

Flowers of the Forest

Single Bagpipe

The Barren Rocks of Aden

Band Arrangements

Amazing Grace

Single Bagpipe

Information about Scotish Music:
Scotish Music as is known in America has had a long and hard road. The history of true highland music dates back to early days of Scotland when there was heavy fighting. The use of the bagpipe was a military and religous priviledge and was only played during special occasions or times of war. When the British Army integrated the idea, they did so without the same reverance for the instument. Therefore, through natural historical timeline, the America's do not have the same respect for piping as the Ancestoral Scotts did. Luckily, a few Scottish Families have survived through the ages and true Scottish Piping is again becoming a reality inside of the United States. This is not the same as the British Lowland piping that can be heard at City Hall or outside your Walmart on Friday night. Highland piping is beautiful enlightening experience that is meant to be enjoyed.


From Small Town Performers to National Brand.

  • 2009-2011

    Our Beginnings

    Scottish Sound was based in Michigan. Today, our office is still there located at 203 Eagle Drive. Farmington Hills, MI 48335. The Scottish heritage is strong in Michigan and we absolutely love our operation in the area. We performed in this area only from 2009-2011.

  • June 2011

    An Idea is Born

    In June 2011, we were invited to travel to the Scotland Music Festival. After winning numerous awards, we recieved a couple of special investments to grow in America. One in particular came from a budding carpet cleaning company in Florida with Scottish heritage and that same level of hard work. We have made contacts all across the United States using the initial investments and this has allowed us to nationally arrange concerts and performances.

  • January 2013

    Explosive Online Potential

    Beginning in January 2013 Scottish Sound began targeting an online marketplace. We grew our directory to include almost every band in the entire country. No matter where our customers are, we are able to assemble a Scotish Sound band for them on a reasonable time frame. Scottish Sounds arranged over 75 performances in 2013

  • 2015+


    Our expansion is reliant on two things. We have reached the end of our investments and are in need of more corporate sponsors. Our directory is in need of more names, our schedule has room for clients, and our office could use more assistance. Please contact us if you are interested in joining our corporate sponsors.

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    Of Our


Our Initial Sponsors

These were the Businesses that allowed us to take the initial steps and we will forever be indebted to.


Carpet Cleaning

Unlocked Orlando

Locksmith Orlando

Please use these services and know that they have contributed to the lasting heritage of Scotish Music in the United States. All around the world, Scottish Sound is looking for the lasting support of the corporate world. It is said that without money, art cannot thrive and this is as true now as ever before. For example, in the origins of art their were so few pieces made that the wealthy did indeed fund but also preserve them. In the modern day there is such a plethora of options, that it comes down to the capabilities of the art to be preserved and not simply lost in the pile. This requires the support of businesses like yours.

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